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  • Eliminate the guesswork out of knowing and working your abilities and get tangible information about the real you! (You are going to love her)

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  • Remove the stress of trying to be who you are not and find comfort in your own skin, by discovering who you really are to bring peace and self-acceptance into your life. (Besides nobody can do you better than you can!)
  • Build more self-confidence and increase your self-esteem by gaining the ability to identify where and how you can shine the brightest in a powerful way!

Who's that girl?

Kourtney Coleman

Kourtney Coleman

Kourtney Coleman is a Taylor Protocol Certified Practitioner, Intuitive Business Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, and President & CEO of Kourtney Coleman Inc.

Kourtney helps professional women create a peak career experience by discovering their innate abilities to create a sense of fulfillment in their career. She is also the hostess of the podcast, The Impact Zone on SoundCloud and Anchor where she continues to equip and empower women who want to make an intentional, positive impact from the inside out.

Kourtney has been an entrepreneur over a decade. In 2015 she discovered the Core Values Index a life-changing assessment from Taylor Protocols that helped to give her great clarity to her purpose. She studied her strategic partner - Taylor Protocol's methods for two years before becoming certified. Today Kourtney uses it as the foundation in her business serving corporations and the career woman. She has developed her proprietary method to help career women understand their natural abilities to maximize opportunities and give their best contribution.

When working with Kourtney, you will: 
• Discover your innate, unchanging nature and gained an understanding of how to manage it better to master it.
• Learn how to get to a place where you are making your best contribution in your existing company or career.
• Gain an understanding and have a vision of how you will be operating, when you operate at your highest level of contribution.
• Understand the magnitude of your mission.

Kourtney's strategic partner, Taylor Protocols helps to put the right people in the right position by matching the job's function to the employee's innate ability to improve motivation and productivity increasing their bottom line. 

Kourtney's mission is to equip & empower professional career women to understand their personal power so that they can maximize opportunities and give their best contribution authentically creating a fulfilled, successful and impactful career. 

"I do it because I believe everyone was created to solve a problem or be the solution to a problem."

Your benefits

Identify, understand and embrace your uniqueness and start living a life that is true to who you really are

Discover your innate abilities to start creating more of what you want in your life ease

Understand your deepest desires and see what really motivates and demotivates you

Learn how and why you do what you do to help you stand out above the rest and get noticed faster

Gain the ability to identify how you can maximize your gifts and opportunities before you jump in

Understand why you make the decisions you make to position yourself for more of what you want


1 Month Program - Digital Product

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  • You will learn my C.O.R.E. Methodology which is the foundation for all of my teaching
  • Your personal assessment and training
  • Weekly lessons are delivered into your account.
  • Audio and video training
  • Worksheets
  • Access to the Private Group connecting with like-minded women who want to consciously build their lives with intention.
  • Two group coaching calls
  • Ability to go over the material multiple times

Bonus Material

Fear Buster Training

$100 value
Discover how to work with your fears to elevate your growth

Check Your Roots Training

$200 value
Discover the starting point for issues in your life, how they have grown and are currently impacting your life today!

Intentional Boundaries Teaching

$200 Value
Why set boundaries? Because you need them. Once you identify your personal power you will appreciate clearly defined boundaries.


$1,000.00 $1500 course value Buy $1,000.00

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